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She works at a sleazy local bar, where her mother is a karaoke favorite whose professional singing career stalled with pattis birth. Patricia dumbo dombrowski is a woman from bergen county, new jersey, who seeks fame and fortune as a rapper. The camera cuts to graffiti on the wall which has a drawing of a penis. The actors get it, the writing gets it, and the original rap songs penned for the film get it. With sahr ngaujah, danielle macdonald, bridget everett, mamoudou athie. It is an emotionally complex drama about an overweight white girl who aspires to be a rapper. My verse is full of curses cos im stuck in dirty jersey she raps, early in the film. Pattis danielle macdonald journey is about arts cathartic power. Some of the sharpest humor in the film comes from watching white characters posture about how another white character isnt street i. Like princes kid in his 1984 movie breakthrough, who struggled to define himself apart from his dad clarence williams iii, a failed professional pianist and wifebeating drunk, patti is simultaneously inspired and embarrassed by barb, a onetime rock singer who was on the verge of a commercial stardom when she got pregnant with patti.

Like a lesser 8 mile, this story focuses on a white persons thirst to be taken seriously as a rapper, by both her peers and by her family. Danielle macdonald stars as an unlikely rapper in a feelgood film with attitude whose characters all convince. This proves a huge problem for the movies emotional worth, which banks on the mixtape as both a comedic comingtogether device, but a legitimately good piece of music its straightup garbage that could make pbnj the real deal. Patti is as unlikely a rap star as notorious b i g and from the very starts you cant help feeling that this is no different from the. However, this movie lacks the grittiness and desperation in the main character that the other films i mentioned earlier on have. She lives with her largerthanlife mother barb bridgett.

It was released on august 18, 2017, by fox searchlight pictures. In suburban new jersey, patti danielle macdonald is a chunky white girl who dreams of being a rapper like her idol oz sahr ngaujah. A homegrown new jersey story about a working class girls longshot struggle to make a mark in the rap music scene, geremy jaspers dynamic debut crackles with energy and. Her mother bridget everetts barb is a couldhavebeen 80s hair band vixen turned hairdresser with her face in the toilet of the bar where patti works each night. Theres a lot which could have gone wrong, but geremy japser does a fine job of uniting a lot of disparate ideas. Patti is a poor white girl in a poor white neighborhood. Shes obsessed with becoming the next big name in rap, daydreaming of being brought up onto the stage by her idol oz sahr ngaujah, a legendary musician with his own record label who has sold millions of records all around the globe. Or its easy to see why if the year was 2007, not 2017. While plenty of other films may take place in the great. Patricia dombrowski danielle macdonald is a 23 year old woman who lives with her mother bridget everett and grandmother cathy moriarty in suburban new jersey. Geremy jasper writes and directs this film about patricia dombrowski aka killa p aka patti cakes, an aspiring rapper. It always feels a bit too much like a project cooked up in a sundance lab and precisiontooled for film festival success, and its mad libslike appropriation of underdog movie elements is the least interesting, most irritating thing about it. A suburban rapper longs for escape in this upbeat indie movie with a star turn from danielle macdonald.

Attempting to break into one of the hardest music cultures in the industry and justify her serious rapping repertoire to naysayers, patti never loses faith in herself or those closest to her. Its like an 8 mile for this generation except a little more comedic. The fword is used multiple times along with other swearing. At the age of 23 she is overwhelmed by that crushingly relatable sensation of having achieved nothing in life thus far. Patti cakes has worked with many adult film studios which notably include zane entertainment, blue vanities, and heatwave raw. As debuts go, patti cakes is right up there with some of the better efforts.

There is a lot of hardcore profanity throughout the entire movie. Shes 23yearold patricia dombrowski, a new jersey nati. She works as a bartender, but that is not enough to make ends meet with her grandmothers medical. Pattis the polar opposite of the skinny, practically anorexic pop stars who dominate the music industry today, and that posed a special challenge in the search for the right person to portray her. Except danielle macdonald, its star, and she is an original.

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