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East of the west special mention special jury prize at the 2012 sofia international film festival. Generation p is not rated but is for adults consider the role of hallucinogens in the film is in russian with english subtitles and runs 112 minutes. Generation p is an independent russian film, written and directed by victor ginzburg and based on victor pelevin s 1999 novel of the same name. Generation p should vault its director viktor ginzburg, to the top rank of filmmakers working in russian today. Generation p the film is in many ways a fable firmly of its time and place. Generation p is a russian film that defies complete comprehension by anyone who doesnt speak the language and, more importantly, didnt experienced the postsoviet era of the 1990s. Victor ginzburgs russian satire generation p the new york times. Adapted from the iconic bestseller by victor pelevin, generation p is a rude, fantastic, epic, funny, timely dispatc. The moscow international film festival began in moscow in 1935.

With vladimir epifantsev, mikhail efremov, andrey fomin, sergey shnurov. Generation p appears to be russian slang for generation perestroika and the pepsi generation, which nicely reflects this films. Set in early postsoviet russia, generation p is the story of a disillusioned poetturnedadman searching. Though delivered in the rapidpatter style of classic thirties screwball farce, the mordant and ironic humor of generation. Nonetheless, generation p deserves to be seen by a wider audience than the one in its home country, a film that will undoubtedly earn its cult status over time by being serious about the cult part. Set in the years immediately after the fall of communism, generation p would have been unthinkable any earlier, and now is merely incomprehensible. Russian film screening of victor ginzburgs generation p. Published in 1999, it tells the story of babylen tatarsky, a moscow creative and advertising copywriter. In the event, however it got its first public screening on february 14th. A chronicle of the rise of the advertising industry in postsoviet russia. Like many others of his generation he is employed as a ghost writer and writes snappy slogans for brands which have just started to flood the russian market. Based on the 1999 novel generation p by victor pelevin, the eponymous film tells the story of vavelin tatarskii played by vladimir epifantsev, a young literature graduate in moscow who finds himself with no job and very little hope in postsoviet, capitalist russia. Generation p is at once a comedy, a tragedy and a historical epic about the rise of a poetturnedcopywriter through russias nascent advertising business in postcommunist moscow, to the chief creative behind the virtual world of russian politics. The films success, in all senses, is even more remarkable when one realizes that this is ginzburgs first fulllength feature film.

Billed as the first and only russian film that poked sharp satire at the current russian political system and the virtuality of its leaders, director victor ginzburgs generation p gives. Ginzburg brings author victor pelevins popular cult novel to the screen in this confrontational, occasionally hallucinogenic social satire. Smart, brilliantly funny and full of visual effects and revelations, the film tells a. Generation p is the third novel by russian author victor pelevin. Generation p is an awardwinning independent russian film, written and directed by victor ginzburg and based on victor pelevins iconic 1999 novel of the. Started in 1995 connecting films to festivals, reporting and promoting festivals worldwide a brand new website will soon be available. Smart, brilliantly funny and full of visual effects and revelations, the film tells a crystal clear. Visually spectacular and the performances were great, with an unexpectedly highenergy reception. Read russian film generation p does mcdonalds and coca cola in nineties moscow on generation p is a. Thereupon the term achieved popularity following the publication of a series of articles about the modern youth phenomenon in the journal om, which. The movie is made after the book generation p by victor pelevin. Based on a novel by viktor pelevin, generation p is a dense film filled with political, cultural, and social allusions that will mean more to viewers familiar with. This was fitting too as, with its romantic subplot, the film could function as a date movie.

The phrase mindbending gets thrown around a lot these days, but in the case of generation p, its entirely appropriate. Miller letters from generation rx is an awardwinning documentary by writer, producer and director kevin p. Victor ginzburgs film generation p is, in many ways, built on. Packed with special effects and unexpected revelations, the film tells the story of how former soviet komsomol youth turned into advertisers in the service of the goddess ishtar, and how the pepsi generation chose cocacola. The film begins at the tail end of soviet russia as the government and economy open. Generational changes in russia, the label generation x became popular upon the translation of douglas couplands famous book, generation x. Born in moscow in 1959, ginzburg emigrated with his parents to the us at the age of 15. In this cross between mad men and an acid trip roger ebert, 20something poet turned adman babylen epifantsev is vaulted to the forefront of postcommunist russias burgeoning capitalistic frenzy when he reveals a knack for corporate sloganeering.

Generation p, which has screened at the toronto film festival and at new directorsnew films, is based on the novel by victor pelevin and looks at the rise of gangsterism and advertising in. Cannes film festival, toronto international film festival 2011 karlovy vary international film festival. Yet theres exhilaration in a film that lustily grabs for the live wire, indicting a societywide glibness while somehow flattering its audience. Busty russian teen thief humiliated by a lp officer. The film centers around a cynical russian poet, babylen tatarsky vladimir yepifantsev found working in a drab sidewalk convenience shop. One cant escape the feeling that the characters in the movie could have done a better job getting its point across than the filmmakers themselves. Generation p a riddle, a farce, a romance about the ecstasy of disintegration in moscow, and an obscene joke about the end of a world.

Generation p p is for punkspirited, postperestroika pastiche in victor ginzburgs dauntingly ambitious if somewhat illconceived adaptation of generation p. He promotes western brands by adapting them to the russian mindset. The film of the 1999 cult novel generation p has had critics and film buffs salivating for the last few years. For many, generation p is the most important film to come out of russia in 20 years. This seminal novel of the late 1990s was considered impossible to film, and this perceived difficulty added prestige to ginzburgs project. Generation p, viktor ginzburgs first feature film is an adaptation of the novel of the same title by viktor pelevin. For the film based on the book, see generation p film. This careening, psychedelic whatzit of a movie manages to pack in the occult, babylonian theology, and the past 20 years of russian history. The cinema of russia began in the russian empire, widely developed in the soviet union and in the years following its dissolution, the russian film industry would remain internationally recognized. Russianamerican director viktor ginzburg started work on a film adaptation in 2006 and it finally arrived on tantalised russian viewers plates in 2011. Generation p the first russian cult film of the new millenium oleg taktarov, vladimir menshov, renata litvinova, vladimir epifantsev, mikhail efremov, andrey panin, leonid parfyonov, andrei fomin. Generation p is ginzburgs tragic history of a russia wrenched from its traditional moorings, left to drift as the behemoth it was in a marketplace that greatly favored those nations which benefited from a much greater level of comfort with westernstyle free market capitalism. Tales for an accelerated culture, into russian in 1998.

Through his craftsmanship, miller has put a spotlight on profound and harrowing matters to bring about social change. Generation is an independent russian film, written and directed by victor ginzburg and based on. The film is incredibly cynical, but the experience of watching it is occasionally joyful in. The story deals with themes of postsoviet russia, consumerism, recreational drug use, and mesopotamian mythology an english translation by andrew bromfield was published by penguin as homo zapiens. Generation p appears to be russian slang for generation perestroika and the pepsi generation, which nicely reflects this films cockamamie spirit, sort of a cross between mad men and an acid trip. Russian film generation p does mcdonalds and coca cola. Generation p revolves around the advertising industry, beginning in the aftermath of the fall of the soviet union and diverging into a kind of absurdist parallel reality of the decades since. In the 21st century, russian cinema has become popular internationally with hits such as house of fools, night watch and brother. Set in early postsoviet russia, generation p is the story of a disillusioned poet turnedadman searching. The films appearance in the cinemas had first been scheduled for january 24th this is very much a new years tale after all. Work on the film began at the end of 2006, and it was released in russian theaters on april 14, 2011.

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