La chambre bleue movie

Following an adulterous tryst, a man mathieu amalric finds himself under investigation for an unknown crime. They desire each other, want each other, and even bite each other. The blue room is by far his most adventurous filmtantalizing, fractured, and, at 76 minutes, beautifully concise. But i had to go to the imdb thread to see how other people perceived this film in order to get an idea of who did what. Mathieu plays julian gahyde, a man involved in a steamy affair with esther despiere. Mona, a past student in child psychology, is keen to put her knowledge into practice. You can watch online movie streaming in hd 75 min length. Two adulterous lovers go from pillow talk to possible murder in this sexy, brainteasing thriller. Based on george simenons novel, the film follows julien amalric, a notsohappily married husband. A man and a woman, secretly in love, alone in a room. Homecoming vengeance et seduction film dhorreur en francais 2018 mischa barton, matt long. You are browsing the website, which contains photos and videos of nude celebrities.

A tough judge takes in a foster child with nowhere to go. With mathieu amalric, lea drucker, stephanie cleau, laurent poitrenaux. What i came away with is a conclusion that the lovers were found guilty not for what they did, but for. The blue room is a french crime drama based on a novel of the same name by georges simenon and is directed by the lead actor, mathieu amalric. While it pushes the boat out stylistically, its also very faithful to the formal nature of simenons book, which shows a certain laudable modesty on amalrics part. The blue room is very engaging and concise thriller something that works great for the fall season. As the movie opens, we hear the moans and whispers of a couple making love. In their blue hotel room, a clandestine couple of two married lovers plan an impossible future, as death shutters their already frail tranquillity. The blue room when an illicit affair turns bad 3 out of 5 stars. Attempts to reunite child with long lost father end badly with the rebellious. The blue room proves a sobering study of the dark side of human nature, as well as a coolly assured directorial effort from star and cowriter. Now under investigation by the police and the courts, what is he accused of. Mathieu amalrics erotic, claustrophobic thriller is as chilly as its title implies published.

There is a problem with your email address and we are unable to communicate with you. Now, the noose tightens more and more around innocents and sinners. Con mathieu amalric, lea drucker, stephanie cleau, mona jaffart, laurent poitrenaux. My only comment is in the meaning of the film to me.

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