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Seekerdesirer of life, his first book, published in 1873, deals with the biblical laws of gossip and slander known in hebrew as lashon hara, meaning evil tongue. I am just passing through this world and in a few years my neshamah will be going back home. Already as a young child, he learned much torah and was able to understand. Likute amarim is a collection of fifteen lectures on the building. Sefer geder olam together with kuntres likutei amarim geder olam addresses three mitzvot of the torah. Shmirat halashon guarding of the tongue, is a comprehensive discussion of the philosophy behind the jewish concepts of power of speech. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Special section on shidduchim i never realized how negatively i used to speak. It is primarily an american, lithuanianstyle talmudic yeshiva. Chofetz chaim a lesson a day by rabbi shimon finkelman. This book based on two works of the chofetz chaim that have never been translated offers a program for daily study in timely topics that are basic the response to already published dailylesson works which address this need has been overwhelming. Guard your speech practical compendium of the book chofetz chaim by zelig pliskin, in russian.

Why doesnt chabad place emphasis on studying the chofetz. An anthology of the chofetz chaim s philosophical and ethical insights collected from his writings chaim, chofetz. As has often happened to judaisms great leaders, rabbi yisroel meir became known by the name of his book and is known worldwide as the chofetz chaim. English edition of chofetz chaim released the yeshiva world. This influential 20thcentury jewish figure established his reputation first and foremost as an opponent of lashon hara, evil speech. The issue of shavers has always been the chofetz chaim discusses this in his likutei halachos on maseches makos are these machines acting as. Many of us are busy with our work and dont have much time to learn during the day. The yeshiva is legally titled rabbinical seminary of america rsa, however it is often referred to as just chofetz chaim, as that was the sobriquet of its namesake. An anthology of the chofetz chaim s philosophical and ethical insights collected from his writings. That was the period of the first zionist aliyah, and the chofetz chaim saw their goal, to establish an independent jewish colony in eretz yisroel, as an implicit denial of the coming of moshiach and the complete redemption to be.

Morgenstern shmiras halashon section this class is based upon the chofetz chaim written by rabbi yisrael meir kagan, more commonly known as the chofetz chaim due to the popularity of his book. Our sages address this problem in the medrash tanchuma see right and say that the torah was given to the jews in the desert because only then, when the jews. Mishnah berurah im likutei divrei harav 6 volume set. The chofetz chaim, whose life was a testimony to the enormous positive power of shmiras haloshon, said that the daily study of these halachos is the best way to succeed in this mitzvah. Home chofetz chaim books kuntres ahavat yisrael hebrew with english. To access our database of previouslysent halachos, click the number ranges on the navigation bar above. Yeshiva chofetz chaim also known as the rabbinical seminary of america is an orthodox yeshiva in the united states, based in kew gardens hills, queens, new york. All categories books halachah jewish laws chofetz chaim a lesson a day shas lublin kislev 5766. Likutei halachot, a compendium of such laws in two of the three volume set, was written to further that goal, as the chafetz chaim explains in his.

Besides authoring such popular works as the halachic code, mishnah berurah, and several works discussing the laws and the evils of lashon hara, the chafetz chaim took it upon himself to encourage the study of the laws of the temple service. A prolific writer, hacohen explained in a different book, likutei halachos. Machon meir is an engaging mens learning program, which provides a blend of deep jewish learning with israeli integration and personal guidance for each student. Featured items newest items bestselling alphabetical. The chofetz chaim ztl, on his 80th yahrtzeit, today, 24 elul. The cold, harsh winters in radin, poland, home of the chafetz chaim, were a challenge for the poor jews due to ina. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Eruvin 5873 a handy pamplet of the gemara daf yomi, with the tzuras hadaf layout of the gemara, and a pirush biurei hadaf in the back. Likutei halachos and rav tzaddokkomarna on vayigash. Shoneh halachos 3 vol set jewish used books is a used book store offering discount book prices. Likutei maharich rabbi yisrael chaim friedman of rachov 3 vol a great collection of minhagim and halachot. Did the chafetz chaims children leave religious judaism.

Israel meir kagan 18381933, talmudic and rabbinic scholar, ethical and religious teacher, is venerated by jews all over the world, especially those in the. The concepts and laws of proper speech arranged for daily study artscroll mesorah by finkelman, shimon, berkowitz, yitzchak isbn. The first rabbi known to have prohibited smoking outright was yisrael meir hakohen kagan 18391933, also known by the name of one of his books, chofetz chaim. Before even considering an answer to this question, let me loosely translate the words of his closest son r arye leib page 25 of michtavei chafetz chaim. The chofetz chaim smiled and said, thats exactly how i look at life. Rav chaim michael dov weissmandl 19031957 rav chaim michael dov weissmandl, known as reb michoel ber, was born in hungary. Sefer geder olam with kuntres likutei amarim hardcover. Desirer of life is the magnum opus of rabbi yisrael meir kagan, who later became known simply as the chofetz chaim.

Yeshiva chofetz chaim a unique oasis of torah and tefillah located in monsey ny the sweet sounds of torah study can be heard all day and night by these dedicated talmidai chachomim and the community members who join them. Chofetz chaim, introduction to the laws of the prohibition. Chofetz chaim al hatorah, shmini rabbi yaakov kamenetsky said that it was in reaction to zionism that the chofetz chaim, in the 1890s, began to stress the study of kodashim. Reb yisrael meir kagan of radin, lithuania, had spent two winters, 5630 and 5631 1870 and 1871, writing chofetz chaim, a compilation of the laws regarding slander and defamation. Rabbi yaakov kamenetsky, rosh yeshiva of torah vodaas.

For over 50 years this mokom torah has called the monsey area home for our talmidim who have continued on to become roshei. The book deals with the jewish ethics and laws of speech, and is considered the authoritative source on the subject. The chofetz chaim i came across the following story recounted by rabbi yechiel spero about the chafetz chaim which i hope you enjoy. Born in zhetel, poland on february 6, 1838, he was taught untill age 10 by his parents and then moved to vilna to further his jewish studies. Read the daily vorts hepsed on maran rav elyashiv zatzal. Besides the commentary there are valuable footnotes and re. The sefer chafetz chaim or chofetz chaim or hafetz hayim hebrew. Rabbi israel meir hacohen kagan is commonly known as the chafetz chaim, the name of his famous work on guarding ones tongue. A groundbreaking new project which combines an excellent text of the standard chumash and targum onkelos, rashi, ikkar sifsei chakhomim, and baal haturim, with. Rav chaim berlin 2 rav chaim brisker 3 rav chaim kanievsky 3 rav chaim of voluzhin 3 rav chaim palagi 1 rav chaim shaul kaufman 1 rav chazkel levenstein 1 rav dessler 1 rav dovid of dinov 1 rav dovid of skver 2 rav dovid soleveitchik bitachon 1 rav elchonon halperin 1 rav elchonon specter 1 rav elimelech of lizhensk 1.

Many of them sent requests to the chofetz chaim for letters of greeting and blessing that would be bound as the first page of a new organizations ledger book. Chumash with likutei halachos rabbi nosson breslov. Stump the rabbi rabbi yossi paltiel why doesnt chabad place emphasis on studying the chofetz chaim and the halacho. Sefer geder olam together with kuntres likutei amarim hardcover 2012. Commentary on likutei moharan condensing the lessons to our level.

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